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Professor James Alan Fox

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28. Professor James Alan Fox on School and Mass Shootings: Homeland Security’s Role November 1, 2022
(Property of
Interview by: Moderator: Dawn Wilson, Executive Education Program Director
NPS Center for Homeland Defense & Security
View on YouTube>>: Watch

27. Professor James Alan Fox on The Weekly Reload Podcast Audio July 25, 2021
(Property of The Weekly Reload Podcast on
Interview by: Stephen Gutowski: Northeastern University professor and USA Today contributor
Professor James Alan Fox joins host Stephen Gutowski,
to discuss the misleading way media count mass shootings and the solutions for them.

26. Professor James Alan Fox on Reason TV Aug.14, 2019
(Property of Reason Foundation)
Interview by: NICK GILLESPIE: There Is No Evidence of an 'Epidemic of Mass Shootings'
The nation's leading scholar of mass shootings explains how media coverage of horrific events such as El Paso and Dayton stoke unwarranted fear and anxiety.

 25. Professor James Alan Fox on MSNBC Aug. 5, 2019 
(Property of MSNBC a Comcast Company)
Evidence suggests white supremacists and white nationalists in the United States are taking inspiration from Donald Trump, which gives him the power to potentially turn them away from violent acts.
Frank Figliuzzi, former FBI assistant director for counter intelligence,
Clint Watts, former FBI special agent, and James Alan Fox, criminologist at Northeastern University discuss.
Trump has yet to speak out against radicalism he inspires >Watch

24. Professor James Alan Fox on CTV Canada News March 21, 2019
(Property of CTV Canada)
New Zealand’s Prime Minister is refusing to name the Christchurch mosque shooter
Should we not name mass shooters? >Watch

23. Professor James Alan Fox on KCRW-Boston  Feb. 14, 2019 
(Property of KCRW)
School shooting drills ‘scare more than they prepare’.
(Audio Podcast) >Listen 

22. Professor James Alan Fox on Christian Science Monitor TV Mar. 14, 2018
(Property of CSM TV)
Are mass killings on the rise? No, but fear is.
The data shows that mass killing has not increased. >Watch 

21. Professor James Alan Fox on WCVB TV Boston channel 5 ABC Mar. 1, 2018
'This is not an epidemic'
Northeastern researchers say about school shootings > Watch

20. Professor James Alan Fox on CNN with Don Lemon Feb. 16, 2018
(Property of CNN)
Florida School Shootings. >Watch

19. Professor James Alan Fox on PBS WGBH 2 Boston, MA. Feb. 14, 2018
(Property of WGBH)
Florida School Shootings. >Watch

18. Professor James Alan Fox on PBS WGBH 2 Boston, MA. Nov. 6, 2017
(Property of WGBH)
How are mass killings and domestic violence linked?  >Watch

17. Professor James Alan Fox on Morning Joe MSNBC 10.3.17
(Property of MSNBC a Comcast Company) 
 Las Vegas Shooting >Watch

16. Professor James Alan Fox on WGBH-Boston March 30, 2016
(Property of WGBH Boston)
Interview: Rod Matthews Parole  >Watch

15. Professor James Alan Fox on CNN The Lead with Jake Tapper: June 12, 2014
(Property of CNN)
Criminologist Interview: Are mass shootings on the rise? >Watch

14. Professor James Alan Fox on NECN with Jim Braude Broadside May 28, 2014
(Property of NECN)
Media-and-rampage-killers >Watch

13. Professor James Alan Fox on NECN with Jim Braude Broadside Jan. 26,2014
(Property of NECN)
Student arraigned in Mass. teacher's killing >Watch

12. Professor James Alan Fox on Boston Fox News jUL. 12, 2013
(Property of Fox News Boston)
Discusses New Developments in the Boston Strangler Case on >Watch

11 . Professor James Alan Fox on NECN with Jim Braude Broadside: Mar. 20, 2014
(Property of NECN)
Motives of senseless killers on possible motives of the Tsarnaev brothers   >Watch

10 . Professor James Alan Fox on CNN The lead Jake Tapper May 21, 2013
(Property of CNN)
Boston Marathon Bombing victim >Watch

9 . Professor James Alan Fox at Boston Foundation Apr 9 2012
(Property of Boston Foundation)
Keynote at Boston Foundation segment
Prof. of Criminology at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. >Watch

8 . Professor James Alan Fox on WCVB TV Channel 5 ABC 
(Property of WCVB TV an ABC company)
in Depth Markoff's Suicide. >Watch 

7 . Professor James Alan Fox on C-Span Feb. 20, 2013
(Property of C-Span)
Speech on mass shootings at Elizabethtown College, PA. >Watch

6 . Professor James Alan Fox on NBC Today Interview Dec. 15, 2012
(Property of NBC a Comcast Company) 
Don’t be afraid to send kids back to school, experts say
School safety expert Kenneth Trump and criminologist James Fox speak with TODAY’s Erica Hill about the importance of not turning our schools into fortresses and remind viewers of how rare school shootings are. >Watch

5 . Professor James Alan Fox on NPR radio interview: December 30, 2008
(Property of NPR) 
regarding December 2008 homicide report
Why Are So Many Young Black Men Being Murdered?  >Listen

4 . Professor James Alan Fox on CNN Anderson Cooper 360  September 14, 2006
(Property of CNN)
profile of Fox's investigation of Seattle's Capitol Hill shooting >Watch

3 . Professor James Alan Fox on Dateline NBC: Jul. 14, 2013
(Property of NBC a Comcast Company)
NBC Special on Dateline Confessions of BTK Denis Rader >Watch

2 . Professor James Alan Fox on NECN with Jim Braude Broadside: Dec.21, 2012
(Property of NECN)
Mass shooting Myths on the Newton Shootings >Watch

1. Professor James Alan Fox on CNN Anderson Cooper 360 April 30th 2009
(Property of CNN)
Serial Killer in LA caught >Watch

Hundreds of interviews on national programs, including:
Hundreds of interviews on national programs, including: 48 Hours, CBS This Morning, Face the Nation, West 57th Street, Nightwatch, The CBS Evening News, and The CBS Morning News (CBS); Good Morning America, PrimeTime Live, Nightline, 20/20 and World News Tonight (ABC); Meet the Press, The Today Show, Dateline NBC, Faith Daniels Show, Unsolved Mysteries, Day and Date, and The NBC Evening News (NBC); The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, The 90's (PBS); The News with Brian Williams, MSNBC Investigative Reports, Donahue (MSNBC); Larry King Live, Reliable Sources, Inside Politics, Connie Chung, Crossfire, and Late Edition Live, News Stand (CNN); On the Record, A Current Affair, Under Scrutiny, Fox Network News , O’Reilly Factor, America’s Most Wanted (FOX); Rivera Live (CNBC); Primetime Justice, Cochran & Company, Pros and Cons ((COURT); The 700 Club (CBN), American Justice and The 20th Century with Mike Wallace (HISTORY); Investigative Reports (A & E); Our Home (Learning Channel); on nationally syndicated programs, including Oprah, Geraldo, Leeza Gibbons; Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael, Bertice Berry, Montel Williams, Maury Povich, Rolanda, Hour Magazine, Inside Edition, Hard Copy, EXTRA, USA Today on TV, Sonya, The Shirley Show (Canada) and The Dini Petty Show (Canada); and local programs across the country, including AM Los Angeles, AM San Francisco, AM Philadelphia, Northwest Afternoon (Seattle), Kelly and Company (Detroit), Jane Wallace Live (Philadelphia) and People are Talking (Boston).

Network contracts:
Contributing consultant for Fox Television Network (2001). NBC News Analyst (2002).

Radio: Over a thousand radio interviews coast-to-coast and overseas, including many network broadcasts. Hosted weekly talk show on WBUR-FM (Boston).

Daily Beast Q&A: Forget What You've Heard: Mass Shootings Aren't Rising. But They Probably Aren't Going Away by Megan McArdle
Bi-weekly columnist for the Boston Herald. Published over one hundred op-ed columns in newspapers across the country, including the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and Christian Science Monitor. Quoted in thousands of newspaper articles and magazines worldwide, including "Quote of the Day" in The New York Times, the Associate Press wire, The Chicago Tribune, and The Charleston Daily Mail, and "Quote of the Week" in the Seattle Times, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, the Providence Journal, and the Kentucky Enquirer. Profiled in the Sunday New York Times, the Scientific American, Yahoo! Internet Life, The Boston Sunday Globe Magazine, The London Observer, The Boston Phoenix (Cover story), USA Today (Cover story, two parts).

New York Times profile of Fox's work investigating Seattle's Capitol Hill murders

USA Today's "Dean of Death" cover story

Scientific American profile

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