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Professor James Alan Fox Ph. D.

Dubbed the "Dean of Death" by USA Today, Professor Fox frequently gives lectures and keynote talks at college campuses and comunity organizations and corporate groups around the country.

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Mass Shootings in the USA: Fears & Facts by Professor James Alan Fox
November 1, 2022

National Press Foundation Presents Professor James Alan Fox
November 12, 2019
Tracking Mass Shootings
Guidance for Reporting on the Next Parkland or Sandy Hook

Keynote address to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada national convention
May 2, 2014



Speech at Elizabethtown College (PA) on mass shootings
February 20, 2013, covered on C-Span.

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Keynote at the Boston Foundation
April 2009

U.S. Senate testimony of federal cuts for law enforcement
July 2006

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Speaking Topics

 Mass Shootings in America: Myths and Realities
Active shooters, workplace avengers, family annihilators, and schoolyard snipers–more methodical than imagined

 Killing for Pleasure: Serial Killers among Us
A chilling examination of the minds, motives and capture of infamous serial killers of our time

 Lessons from the Schoolyard: School Violence in America
A look at the causes of school violence, including an assessment of easy solutions
that don’t work and difficult ones that do

 Shooting at the Ivory Tower: Campus Violence and Safety
An examination of the myths and realities, as well as problems and solutions concerning crime, violence, and murder on college campuses

 The Young and the Ruthless: Juvenile Crime and Juvenile Justice
An examination of the causes and prevention of violence among youth as well as
current approaches to juvenile justice

 Angry and Dangerous: The Do’s and Don’ts of Disgruntlement
A guide to understanding vengeance in many work settings and how best to identify and respond to problem people and places

Dial M for Media: Violence and Popular Culture
A discussion of violent themes in television, film, and video games
and the commercialization of killing

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Some Testimonials

"James Fox’s thought-provoking speech on serial killers was extremely entertaining and captured the audience’s attention. Dr. Fox did a wonderful job; I am still hearing great comments."
Katie Connolly, Adams State College, CO

Dr. Fox’s dynamic style was riveting and the material compelling.
Merryl Sackin, Greenfield Community College, MA

Dr. Fox took the audience for a ride they won’t soon forget. His topic “Lessons from the Schoolyard” really hit home.
Sarah Kay Baumann, Southwest State University, MN

Dr. Fox’s lecture was a great success. We had one of the best turnouts ever for a lecture presentation. Dr. Fox kept the audience totally interested the entire time. I actually had to limit questions because there was too little time. Dr. Fox was a wonderful person to work with. Dan Fischer, University of South Dakota, SD

Campus Talks and Corporate/Community Keynotes

Mass Murder and Serial Killing:
 Texas Tech University (1985), SUNY-Oneonta (1985), Columbia Basin College (1986), The University of Lowell (1987), Norwich University (1990), Trenton State College (1991), Curry College (1992), Merrimack College (1992), The Marist College (1992), University of New Haven (1992 and 1994), SUNY–Canton (1992), The University of Windsor (1992), Orange County Community College (1993), Mercyhurst College (1993), Castleton State College (1993), Western Illinois University (1993), University of South Dakota (1994), University of Rhode Island (1994), Mercer College (1995), Pace University (1995), Augustana College, IL (1996), Fullerton State College (1996), Arkansas Tech University (1996), Worcester State College (1997) Scanectady County Community College (1997), University of Massachusetts at Lowell (1997), University of Tennessee (1998), Corning Community College (1998), North Georgia College (1988), University of Pennsylvania (1999), Longview Community College (1999), Salt Lake City Community College (1999), Peru State College (1999), Adams State College (1999), Maple Woods Community College (1999), Dickinson State College (1999), Jamestown State College (1999), Lynchburg College (1999), Goucher College (1999), Clarkson University (2000), Federal Bureau of Investigation, Philadelphia Region (2000), University of Tennessee at Martin (2000), Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (2001), Providence College (2001); Moscow State University (2002), Salt Lake City Community College (2002), Westminster College (2002), Weber State University (2002), Wayne State College (2003), Rutgers University—Camden (2004), Truman State University (2005), Salem State College (2005), University of New Hampshire (2006), Greenfield Community College (2006), Smith College (2007), Worcester State College (2008), Harvard College (2011), Elizabethtown College (2013), University of Pennsylvania (2013), and Truman State University (2013).

 Youth and School Violence
 National Convention of the Boys and Girls Club of America (1993), Norwalk, CT community series on juvenile crime (1993), Western Pennsylvania Sheriff's Association (1993), John Hancock Company (1993),Temple Beth Am, Needham, MA (1994), Temple Sinai, Sharon, MA (1994), Saginaw, MI Town Hall (1994), Dallas Woman's Club (1994), Boston Challenge to Leadership (1994), Portland, Maine Junior League (1995), Middlesex Community College (1995), Massachusetts Office of Victims Assistance (1995), Dallas Mental Health Association (1995), The White House (1995), Police Executive Research Forum Regional Meeting (1995), Office of the United States Attorney General (1995), Oregon Juvenile Department Directors’ Association (1995), Drury College (1995), Boston Challenge to Leadership (1995), New England Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization (1995), Fort Lauderdale Summit on Policing (1996), The United Way of America’s National Leadership Conference (1996), Massachusetts Probation Association (1996), National Criminal Justice Association (1996), Boston Bar Association (1996), International Association of Hospital Security and Safety (1996), Massachusetts League of Women’s Voters (1996) Newton-Wellesley Hospital (1996), Southwestern Louisiana University (1996), Ditchley Foundation (1996), Population Reference Bureau (1997), The Country Club of North Carolina (1997), Norfolk County Juvenile Justice Roundtable (1997), Milford, NH Community Forum (1997), University of Puerto Rico (1998), Youth and Shelter Services, Iowa State University (1998), Auburn University (1998), Mt. Wachussett Community College (1998) Massachusetts Department of Education (1998), MIT Women’s League (1998), United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta (1998), VDET Conference (1998), International Association of Chiefs of Police (1998), University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (1998), Marist College (1998), Temple Isiaih, Columbia, MD (1998), University of Puerto Rico (1999), Weber State University (1999), Ft. Worth Lecture Foundation (1999), University of West Virginia (1999), Massachusetts Youth Crime Summit (1999), Lebanon Valley College (1999), Corning Community College (1999), Southwest State College (1999), Staten Island Child and Adolescent Mental Health Association (1999), Brightside Lecture Series, Northampton, MA (1999), Augustana College, SD (1999), University of Northern Colorado (2000), Ft. Worth Crime Prevention Resource Center (2000), Rhode Island Advocacy for Children conference (2000), The Cambridge Forum (2000), The Boys and Girls Clubs of America (2001), Madison, WI Civics Club (2001), Social Law Library, Boston (2001), Iowa Governor’s Conference on Juvenile Justice (2001), Oklahoma Juvenile Justice Association (2001), Rhode Island Advocacy for Children conference (2002), Middlesex Community College (2002), Hamilton-Fish Conference on School Violence, Monterey, CA (2002), Northern Utah Gang Conference (2002); State of Ohio Attorney General’s Conference on Law Enforcement (2002), Pennsylvania State University at Worthington/Scranton (2003). New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (2003), Phi Theta Kappa Satellite Series (2003), National Honor Society annual conference (2003), Massachusetts Judicial Institute (2005), Boston Study Group (2006) Newton Lifetime Learning (2006), University of New Hampshire (2007), The Boys and Girls Clubs of America (2007), Brandeis University (2008), Massachusetts Attorney General’s Committee on Youth Violence 2008), The Boston Foundation (2009), The Texas Legislative Summit on African Americans (2009), PowerNet of Dayton (2009), Massachusetts Department of Public Health (2009), National Institute of Justice plenary session (2009), New England School of Law (2010), Natick (MA) Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (2011), Sharon Adult Education (2011), Austin CARY (2012), and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada annual conference (2014).

 Workplace and Campus Violence
 Retail Association of Massachusetts (1993), Retail Association of Connecticut (1993), Boston Federal Executive Board (1993), First Security Services Corporation (1993), John Hancock Insurance Company (1993), Brookline Chamber of Commerce (1994), Pepsi-Cola Corporation (1994), Bank Administration Institute (1994), Massachusetts Bankers Association (1994), National Retail Federation (1994), the New England Chapter of the National Classification Management Society (1994), the American Public Transportation Association (1994), Employee Assistance Professionals Association (1994), International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Directors (1994), Southeastern Massachusetts Health Care Association (1995), International Personnel Management Association (1995), Penn State University Conference Center (1996), National Retail Federation (1996), Guardsmark, Inc. (1996), Brigham and Women’s Hospital (1996), Harvard-Pilgrim Health Care (2001), Nebraska Safety and Health Council (2001), Boston Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security (2003), Northeast Colleges and Universities Security Association (2007), New England Claims Association (2007), Boston Medical Center Grand Rounds (2008), Noel Levitz National Conference on Student Recruitment and Retention (2008), The Northeast Colleges and Universities Security Association (2009), National Association of College and University Business Officers (2009), New England Claims Association (2009), Southern Connecticut State University (2011), Jackson State University (2011), Boston Chapter of American Society of Industrial Security (2012), West Virginia Department of Public Health (2013), and the Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (2013).

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